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4 Reasons to attend the MixCoach Experience Weekend

Hands-on training, live, in person.

Get hands on training live, in the studio with Kevin, Jon, and team MixCoach. Even the best tutorials and online interactions can't get to this level.

We cover the content YOU want.

Have questions about mixing drums? Want us to dive into your mix template?

Mixed a song you want us to listen to or maybe even tweak with you? We're totally down with that. We tailor these weekends to the attendees.

Lots of "hang time."

We've found that many times the best take-aways come from conversations that happen over lunch, coffee, dinner, or drinks. We specifically build in group meals and "hang time" for this exact reason. It's when we truly get to know you and maybe when we find the best ways to help.

We are open-books.

As many of you know we are completely open books here at MixCoach. If we have a tip, trick, or answer, we will share it. We don't hold anything back. When we're all together for three days, knowledge is flying left and right. Even Team MixCoach usually learns a trick or two!